Best Crypto Affiliate Programs For 2019

People have been investing, mining, purchasing and earning Bitcoins since 2010. In addition to exchanging these cryptocurrencies, many companies offer affiliate-networking programs for making extra money. Joining bitcoin affiliates will give you the ability to generate a one time or lifetime passive income for each person you directly send to their website for registration or trading.

The sites are paying for digital marketing for your referrals and you make money by sending customers to them. It is a win-win for everyone. Not only does referrals drive traffic to their site but also provides earnings to grow their company and brand. Once your referrals go to the websites to register or invest, you will earn money.

Each company has a different referral program so below is listed each company and whether they offer one-time referral bonuses or a commission from lifetime sales. While one-time payments can be great, lifetime commission offers you incentives on every trade your referrals make in the future. Some of these companies even have a tiered referral program, which can land you a passive income for life.

Below is a list of the best bitcoin affiliate programs. The first step is to sign up for the websites and give them your bitcoin or PayPal address. Once you are registered, they will assign you a unique URL or promo code. You can then start posting these on your website, in your email marketing campaigns or on social networking sites. Many of your referrals will come from your friends and family that are ready to join the bitcoin revolution so be sure to give them your links too.

CEX.IO – Affiliate Program

CEX.IO was the first cloud-mining provider and is one of the most popular exchanges on the internet for marginal trading.

Commission Rates:
CEX.IO gives affiliate users 30% commission on all transactions. Commission from CEX.IO is for the lifetime of each referral. Given that this is a top marginal trading platform, most users trade and bet often.

Marketing Tools For Affiliates:
CEX.IO has many promotional tools available such as promo codes, referral links, and banners.

Payout Frequency:
They pay out every day, starting 30 days from the date that your referral incentive credits to your account.

More Information

Changelly – Affiliate Program

Changelly is another really decent exchange where users can exchange dollars for a wide range of cryptocurrency from bitcoin to dogecoin. It will search for the best exchange rate and then purchase them for you. Its basically an instant cryptocurrency exchange which has some of the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market.

The affiliate program is pretty cool as well, offering affiliates a 50% revenue share for the lifeof the customer you refer to them. They pay you 50% of the commission they earn on deals made by the user.

How and when do they payout?
They pay you in bitcoin and normally its the day after the transaction is made by your referred user.

Coinbase – Referral Program

Coinbase is one of the top bitcoin processing services on the market. Coinbase offers $10 for each person you refer that buys or sells at least $100 or more within 180 days of registration. What makes this referral program so popular is that your referral will also receive $10. You can both expect the payment within four business days after the buy/sell. Even if your referral does not sign up the day they visit the site, they have ninety days from that to come back and join from the same computer.

The referral does not have to purchase or sell the entire $100 at once. As long as this amount is exchanged within the 180 days after registration, you will both get your referral bonus. Coinbase is also set to add more crypto coins to their platform in the near future, ensuring that even more people will join their website. However, due to high transaction volume, there may be a delay in processing wire transfers with Coinbase at this time. This could cause a delay in receiving payment if your referral uses wire transfer for payment.


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